Holiday hiring gets boost from record sales

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Opening the doors hours earlier, stores like Toys 'R Us and Target cashed in on the extra time for shoppers.

Newport Target hired about 60 seasonal workers to keep the shelves stocked and the customers happy.

"We're a lot more organized, no one got trampled over, we got tickets so it was a lot more organized for them so that's something they really appreciated," says Vince Lamb.

Lamb experienced his first Black Friday this year working at Target and says the store made some major sales.

With the added boost to the bottom line, employment experts from the firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas are predicting more hires for the month of December.

According to ShopperTrak Black Friday sales hit $11.4 billion an increase of 7 percent from 2010.

Cyber Monday broke records as well, research firm comScore Inc. reports consumers clicked on $1.25 billion in online products, creating the biggest online shopping day ever.

"Overall our company was up 25 percent across the board on all online sales which is a huge deal for us because most of our ordering is online," says Lauren Schmidt.

Schmidt manages Edible Arrangements in Newport which relies heavily on the web, 75 percent of its business is online says Schmidt which is why the holidays are such an important time to attract customers.

"Our holiday sales are...about 65 percent of our sales for the entire year so we really want to go big when it comes to the holidays," says Schmidt.

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