Pantless police officer urinates and defecates in motel parking lot

Justin Lunsford (Source: City of Monroe)
Justin Lunsford (Source: City of Monroe)

MONROE, OH (FOX19) - A Hamilton Police Officer has been charged with public indecency and voyeurism after witnesses reported him urinating in a parking lot, naked from the waist down.

An officer with the Monroe Police Department arrived at the Parkside Inn in Middletown, Ohio just after midnight on November 30. Dispatch advised the subject was in a black vehicle, and upon arrival, the officer observed a black SUV attempting to leave the motel.

According to the police report, the suspect was ordered out of the vehicle at gunpoint due to his hands not being visible and was later identified as Justin Lunsford.

Lunsford identified himself as a Hamilton Police Officer while being detained.

After being placed in handcuffs, Lunsford told officers he was coming from Putter's on Cin-Day Road and had stopped to urinate outside the motel because it was a "dark place."

Witnesses were then interviewed about what they saw. They told police that they saw a white man in a hoodie with no pants or shoes, get out of his vehicle, face the motel, walk away from the vehicle, squat and defecate. They then told police the male returned to the vehicle before putting his pants back on.

Lunsford admitted to the offenses of public indecency as well as voyeurism. After review, the charges of two counts of public indecency and two counts of voyeurism were filed. He was booked and released from the Butler County Jail.

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