Xavier University community reacts to Virginia Tech tragedy

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Blacksburg, Va. is 340 miles away from the campus of Xavier University, but such a tragedy has shaken the entire Musketeer community.

"I have a friend that is over there at Virginia Tech. He made that decision after it happened the first time, so was hoping he was alright and I found out that he was," said Andrew Donley, senior. "It's kind of scary that it happened a second time."

"To hear about someone that was just away from home," said Amanda Drinkhouse, freshman.  "It is just devastating it really is."

Xavier University is proactive in trying to prevent such tragedies. The university has a full time police department, dozens of emergency assistance towers posted throughout campus, and what's called the incident management team.

"What if there was a shooter, what if there was a tornado, what if we lost power for three days, what if there was a tremendous storm and no one could get here," said Debora Del Valle, Director of Public Relations at Xavier University.  "We talk about those things and practice."

Xavier also has what's called the XU Alert Me system. More than 10,000 people are subscribed to the system, which sends out emergency notifications via text, email and by phone call.

"I get alert text messages, and if I don't get that my friends on twitter and Facebook all have it," said Donley. "It is really easy to get a hold of someone if something does occur."

The XU Alert Me system is tested several times a year and can send a notification to it's more than 10,000 subscribers in less than a minute.

Overall, students at Xavier University say they feel safe and know what to do if a school shooting were to occur on campus.

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