Xavier students camp out for Crosstown Shootout tickets

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The biggest college basketball game of the year in the Queen City is about to tip off and the students are scurrying for tickets. This year's Skyline Crosstown Shootout is being held at Xavier's Cintas Center and with only 700 tickets available to students the line formed early.

Students braved the cold temperatures and began lining up at 11 AM Thursday to secure a spot in line. "I'm so excited, so excited. I wasn't expecting to be out here this early but its going to be worth it," said XU freshman, Lauren Findley.

Since UC is the visiting team, the university will only receive about 200 tickets. None will be made available to students and will go to members of the UCATS club.

"Whether its here at UC or over there students bring the energy. And so if they're going to hang out in the cold for our game against them I think its a good thing for the programs on both sides," said UC Assistant Athletic Director, Brad Wurthman. "It lets the schools and the student athletes know what this game means to everyone in the city."

The Crosstown Shootout is Saturday December 10th.

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