Police Looking At Shady Sign Guy

Last week, FOX 19 told you about Tim King. The shady Tri-State sign guy who has a bad habit of taking the money and running.

Well, 48 hours after we told you our story, the owner of a small arts and crafts store King conned, got a surprise.

"Mr. King came in while I was on the phone and layed the money order down on the desk," said Cathi Berndt, who runs Mama's Playce.

That's right!

More than 90 days after he took Cathi Berndt for more than 300 bucks, Tim King returned the money Cathi gave him for a down payment for a sign.

Cathi said King apologized. Said he was having money problems. And made this promise.

"He also told me he was in the process of paying everybody back!"

And, as FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi learned, there's a long line.

"How much does he owe you?' "$415."


"$1,400 dollars plus."

Mike Zahneis runs Gil's Dockside Fish Bar. Mary O'Connell owns The Lounge. And Linda Bibus operates Maloney's Pub East. And all three Cincinnati businesses say Tim King took their down payments and ran.

"He's taking advantage of small businesses is what he's doing," said O'Connell.

Mike and Linda are less diplomatic.

"Loser," said Mike.

"Sneaky. Sneaky," added Linda.

So far FOX 19 hasn't had much luck tracking down this drifter, but police have. And we're told they're taking a close look at this shady sign guy.

And, if his customers have anything to say about it, the King of Con will be knocked off his throne.

"Loser. He needs to be in jail," said Mike Zahneis.

And, according to Sussi, Cincinnati Police are expected to charge Tim King with theft in another sign job that went south!