Company Bails Out Woman With Leaky Basement

"You're not going to make me believe this cock and bull story. Judgement approved!"

Judge Larry Joe Doherty, the star of FOX TV's Texas Justice, recently awarded Trish Williamson 42-hundred bucks.

That's how the Cincinnati woman paid Queen City Waterproofing to fix her leaky basement. The money covered the home equity loan she borrowed to pay Queen City in the first place. Our viewers took care of the rest.

After FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi did the story, Jaco Waterproofing called us and volunteered to "properly" repair Trish's leaky, moldy basement.

Over the years, Queen City Waterproofing has been sued - a lot - for poor and incomplete work. But Jaco Waterproofing was more than willing to mop up this particular mess.

To stop Trish's basement from leaking, Jaco Waterproofing Owner Bill Sackenheim said they had to rip up the concrete and install all new drain tiles.

"And then finding where the actual leaks were coming from the wall which were in the wall," Bill explained.

And, thanks to Jaco Waterproofing, Trish finally has a dry basement.

"I'm very fortunate that you (FOX 19) got involved and you (Jaco Waterproofing) stepped up to the plate and offered to help me," said Trish.

Jaco Waterproofing can be reached at (513) 738-0084.