Kentucky's 59th Inauguration by the numbers

Kentucky's 59th Inauguration By the Numbers


FRANKFORT, KY.  (Dec. 12, 2011) – Thousands of people will take part in Tuesday's inauguration events. Here are a few interesting facts and figures about this historic day.

– Age of youngest participant in Grand March, Lila Beshear, the Governor's youngest grandchild.

2 -- Number of hours Inaugural Parade is expected to last.

3 – Number of Kentucky governors who have been sworn in to a second consecutive term (Gov. James Garrard 1796 and 1800, Gov. Paul Patton 1995 and 2003, and Gov. Steve Beshear 2007 and 2011).

4 – Number of times Gov. Beshear will have been sworn into statewide office (twice for Governor, once as Lieutenant Governor in 1983, once as Attorney General in 1980).

5 – Number of horse-drawn carriages in the Inaugural Parade.

6 – Number of times Jerry Abramson has taken an oath of office with the Bible given to him by his sister and brother-in-law.

7 – Former Kentucky governors serving as honorary co-chairs (Senator Wendell H. Ford, Gov. Julian Carroll, Gov. John Y. Brown Jr., Gov. Martha Lane Collins, Gov. Brereton Jones, Gov. Paul Patton and Gov. Ernie Fletcher).

8 – Co-chairs of inauguration (Jim and Linda Booth, Tracy and Carol Farmer, Wade and Alice Houston, and Darrell and Lorna Littrell).

65 – Marble steps the Governor and First Lady will descend to reach the Capitol Rotunda during the Grand March.

860 – Meals to be served to volunteers and support staff on Tuesday.

200 – Pounds of pork barbeque prepared for Inauguration volunteers.

2,000 – Christmas ornaments used in the decoration of the Convention Center for the Inaugural Ball.

60 ­­– Tables at the Inaugural Ball, covered with tablecloths made from recycled plastic bottles.

56 – Number of men who have served as Governor of Kentucky.

1 – Number of women who have served as Governor of Kentucky (Gov. Martha Lane Collins).

25 – Number of Grand Marches that have been held in the current state capitol.

$500,000 – Estimated cost reduction compared to 2007 Inauguration.

54 – High school marching bands in the Inaugural Parade.

67 – Total number of Inaugural Parade units.

4 – Number of governors who have served non-consecutive terms (Gov. Isaac Shelby, Gov. Happy Chandler, Gov. James McCreary and Gov. John Helm).

171 – Words in Kentucky's oath of office (75 of which are in the clause regarding whether the elected official has participated in a duel, meaning 44 percent of the words relate to duels).

1,780 – Seats available for the public swearing-in.

4,250 – Total parade participants, arriving in more than 150 school buses and equipment trucks.

4,681 – Total number of seats available at the Frankfort Convention Center.

--from the office of KY Governor Steve Beshear