Firefighter hurt in East Price Hill

A Cincinnati firefighter went to the hospital Monday evening after he was hurt trying to get to the source of a smoldering fire on Enright Avenue.

A district fire chief says the fire started in the walls of the living room, after plumbers had been working on pipes in the wall during the day.  A smoldering fire developed in the walls, and burst into flame Monday night while the homeowner was out.

Firefighters had to open up the walls to get to the fire and make sure it hadn't spread, and one of them smashed one of his fingers with a tool while working to open up the wall.  He was taken to University Hospital for what appeared to be a minor injury.

They ended up working on the first and second floors and the roof tracking down the fire and making sure it was out.  The homeowner returned while the fire crews were there.  She went to stay with a friend.

Crews say the cause of the fire was a plumber's torch. Damage is estimated at $35,000.

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