Students react to possibility of no more Crosstown Shootout

Students at Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati are reacting to the threat of cancelling future Crosstown Shootouts in the wake of Saturday's big brawl.

Some students think the rivalry is only fueled by Saturday's fight, and while many are disappointed in both teams, they hate any idea of losing the Crosstown Shootout all together.

"From the future Crosstown Shootouts, I mean I hope they continue to do it maybe at a neutral location would be better but it's a big game I don't think they should just get rid of it," said XU freshman Tonya Cano.

"Based upon what happened fault lies with both schools, people argue about who started it but the fact is both schools participated in it and it wasn't just one side," said UC junior Eddie Davenport.

That's why many UC and Xavier students want the shootout to survive despite this year's negative outcome.

"If it was anybody else, if it wasn't a ranked team it wouldn't be a big deal but it's really not a problem," said XU freshman Frankie Fray.

"There's always going to be that rivalry that has always been going on so I think it's just going to continue to get worse and every time we see them it's just beat X," said UC student Melanie Vegedes.

Xavier athletic director Mike Bobinski and UC athletic director Whit Babcock have not discussed holding the shootout at a neutral spot, but both are committed to putting everything in the past and improving the future.

"Taking the sort of the negative circumstances that exist today and finding a way to turn this into a positive," said Bobinski.

"We'll move forward and work diligently to regain that trust and respect," said Babcock.

It's respect both teams will need to earn, as students and fans hope next year's shootout follows through.

There has been no official word on if the shootout will return or not. But it is clear the fans and students want it to stick around.

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