Human remains identified as woman missing since 2005

Richard Kuhn (Source: Ohio Department of Corrections)
Richard Kuhn (Source: Ohio Department of Corrections)
Building where remains of Kimberly Brown were found
Building where remains of Kimberly Brown were found

EAST END, OH (FOX19) - New information has been revealed about human remains found wrapped in plastic, under concrete and floor boards in an East End home September 29, 2011.

Homicide detectives found the remains in the 3200 block of Riverside Drive after receiving a tip from a prisoner. In a news release from the Hamilton County Coroner's Office, the identity of the human remains is that of Kimberly Brown, 53.

Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Anant Bhati said it was a difficult case.

"When you have a body so decomposed it's very difficult to find some tissue to get you DNA," said Dr. Bhati. "But we managed to use some bones and get some powder out of it and made the DNA."

The next step is figuring out how Brown died.

"We don't know that at this stage," said Dr. Bhati.

He said it could take months to find out. Investigators have said the remains could have been under the home for as long as six years. That's the same time Brown reportedly went missing. Bhati says her remains support that claim.

"We know that it could be at least six months if not more," said Dr. Bhati. "More likely it could be six years."

Joey Gyarmati lives at the home where the remains were found. He says his uncle, Richard T. Kuhn, 41, wrote a letter from prison to an ex-girlfriend asking her to move human remains that were buried at the house.

That letter was intercepted by authorities and brought detectives to the house.

On Tuesday, no new charges were brought against Kuhn. Kuhn has an extensive criminal record and is currently serving a five year sentence at the Warren County Correctional Institution for a robbery he committed last year. Just after the remains were found, Kuhn's nephew showed FOX19 where detectives discovered them; underneath the floor boards in one of the rooms inside the home. Gyarmati says the human remains were under concrete and wrapped in plastic.

"[Kuhn] has been diagnosed as a narcissistic sociopath; which means he has no conscious and doesn't care about people or people's lives or anything like that," said Kuhn's nephew Joey. "I have seen in first hand, he doesn't care whose life he's ruined or anything about none of that. He is insane, he really is; he is crazy."

It is important to note that Richard Kuhn has not been charged in connection with the human remains being discovered, but his nephew says he is very capable of committing such crime.

At the time of the discovery, police believed the human remains were those of Kimberly Brown, who had been missing since 2005. The nephew says the remains could belong to a woman who testified against his uncle in 1992 during an aggravated assault trial. There is no information if Kimberly Brown testified against Kuhn.

"It said that in the letter also, that it was the reason why he did it because that was the lady that testified against him," said Gyarmati.

Clermont County Prosecutor Ron White said he is very familiar with Richard Kuhn, in fact more than a decade ago Kuhn wrote a letter threatening the lives of some of the prosecutor's office staff and a Clermont County judge.

Kuhn also escaped from prison for a 12 hour period while serving a maximum 15 year sentence for aggravated robbery.

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