Report of gunman in area puts Lebanon school on heightened security

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Berry Intermediate School was on heightened security Wednesday after an officer safety bulletin was sent out across Warren County warning authorities of a 17-year-old in the area who could be armed.

"It's very scary, my heart just dropped, I mean it's a scary thought," said parent Sarah Cornett.

Lebanon Police say the suspect who was involved in a string of thefts was last seen in the Lebanon area around 5:00 a.m. -- officers used Berry Middle School was used as a reference point, although there was never any direct threat to the school.

"To alert officers that there may be someone in the Lebanon area, that has in their possession a handgun," said Asst. Chief Jeff Mitchell. "There was no sighting of this person at or near Berry Middle School, it was just a geographical reference."
Lebanon Police emphasize that the bulletin was sent out only as a precaution, and the stolen handgun is in now in police custody along with the suspect and three others who were arrested for a string of thefts in Clermont County. Still Berry Middle School leaders say they wanted make sure every possible safety measure was taken to protect their students.
"We decided even though they said there wasn't a threat, they decided not to go into lock down, that we would stop outdoor recess and just confirm that all of our door were locked and do a lap around the building, walk the inside of the building, make sure there wasn't anyone who wasn't authorized to be inside," said Berry Middle School Principal Mark Graler.

Lebanon Police are still determining charges for the four suspects involved.

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