The no snow effect

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - At this time last year, Norwood residents were snowed in more than a foot of snow. But Thursday, it was blue skies and temperatures in the 60's.

"We had a lot of snow last year," said Larry Whitaker with the City of Cincinnati. "We went through a fair amount of supplies. We had a lot of crews on the road, quite a few days last year."

But this year so far, those trucks stay mostly idle, waiting for the first big snow to come. However, road crews have done some work this month.

"Our crews have been dealing with freezing temperatures with some of the rain coming off the hillside," said Whitaker. "So they have been treating some of those issues."

Throughout the winter season the city tries to keep all four of their 27-ton salt piles fully stocked. This year compared to last year at this time, very little of that salt has been used.

So how does that affect the city's bottom line?

"If we have supplies left over, supplies left over obviously that will be used the following year and may affect how much money we need the following year," said Whitaker.

But now snow is bad news for local snow plowing companies. Matt Haverkos and several friends started Southwest Ohio Services seven years ago. The company plows snow for residential and commercial properties.

"We ramped up this year, trying to match last year. We have crews scheduled since the beginning of November for first shift, second shift and third shift already scheduled for when snow does come," said Haverkos." It kind of hurts us to have people on standby with no snow."

Haverkos says this year his company has invested more money than ever buying 25 percent more salt than last year.

"If it's not snowing, we're not making money and it's hurting business," said Haverkos.

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