Cronin Thinks Too Much Focus is on Gates

Cincinnati, OH (FOX19) - UC head coach Mick Cronin is pleased with how his team played against Wright State, but is not happy that, in his opinion, Yancy Gates has continued to be the focal point of the fight that marred the Crosstown Shootout.

Cronin was asked Thursday if he's pleased Gates and Xavier's Kenny Frease have exchanged text messages about the fight and that Gates reportedly apologized to Frease.  Cronin responded with what he says will be his last comment about the fight.

"I'll tell you what I'm not pleased to hear, I'm not pleased to hear that Yancy Gates is continually the guy people are talking about.  I'm not pleased to hear that at all.  I'm not pleased with how he reacted in the situation but it bothers me that you even ask me that because you're not asking me about the two guys that jumped Octavius Ellis.  Where's his apology?  Everybody was wrong.  Everybody.  Not one guy.  Everybody was wrong - period.  And I'm not going to sit here anymore and talk about one guy because everybody is missing the point of the whole thing."

Cincinnati is back on the court Saturday against Radford at Fifth Third Arena.

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