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Mason celebrates landmark firehouse before demolition

MASON, OH (FOX19) -- The old Fire Station 51 in Mason is scheduled to be demolished as early as this December, due to safety hazards, but city leaders are making sure the memory of those who worked tirelessly in the building, many volunteering their own time, is never forgotten. 

"The building has always served as a landmark, I think when people identify with small towns, they think of their local fire house," said former volunteer fire captain Perry Denehy.

Denehy says it's the people who worked in the fire house that have made it the landmark it is today -- people like James J. Knott who served as both the Police Chief and the Fire Chief for the all volunteer fire company in Mason, the building was later named after Knott as a memorial.
"Back in the day, when you worked for the city you were police chief fire chief head, of public works, you even picked up garbage, he did everything for the city, he loved the city very much," said Rich Cox, city council member, and a member of the Mason Historical Society.
"People knew in the community, he served as a role model," Denehy said.
As Cox and Denehy look at the pictures of the firehouse over the years, they're reminded of the legacy of service that was carried through generations, a pillar in the Mason community.
"This building symbolizes a lot to them and we need to have a proper goodbye," Cox said.
The building constructed in 1964 by the private fire company is set to be demolished because of safety hazards, but residents hope city leaders will put something else in it's place as a constant reminder of the service it represents.
"We hope the city does pick up that piece and realize that with the loss of this building, there does need to be a visual reminder of our former group of individuals," Denehy said.
The Mason Historical Society along with city leaders are holding a ceremony Sunday, December 18 at 2:00 pm to honor those who served in the building, community members are invited to share their stories and memories.

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