Struggle continues despite drop in jobless rate

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Ohio's latest jobless figures are described as "encouraging" by Governor John Kasich. The state's unemployment rate dipped to 8.5 percent in November which is the largest single month decline in 30 years.

However, the ranks of the jobless, homeless and hungry continue to swell. A Super Jobs Earl Rolley says he can't find a jobs despite having a nursing degree and 12 years experience as a Navy corpsman. "Every time I go to apply for a job, it's either they want someone who is younger or they want someone with all the credentials," he said.

Super Jobs Project Director Daina Dennis says people are still suffering. "There are a lot of people who are struggling who've been out of work a long time and are struggling to find work and those are the people that we're seeing and there's quite a few of them."

FOX19's Financial Analyst Nathan Bachrach says the jobless figures are deceiving. Bachrach says "22,000 of our friends and neighbors just gave up on trying to find a job, and that's really what brought the numbers down."

Josh Spring with the Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless is more blunt. "Forecasts about unemployment are really not true. They've taken folks who have been unemployed for a long time or people who simply can't find work off the list."

As that struggle continues, more and more people need help putting food on the table. "We see people everyday who never expected to be in this situation," said Eric Young with St. Vincent DePaul. "When you're struggling, when your hours are cut, or when you suddenly lose your job and you have a family to feed, you have to make some difficult choices."

Counselors at Super Jobs say it will be months before the decline in unemployment translates into fewer people coming through their doors.

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