Sgt. surprises family during live TV interview

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The holidays are a time for most people to spend with family, but many of our military families don't have that option.

On Friday night, the crew at FOX19 helped one Army wife get her Christmas wish: to have her husband home for the first time in three years.

Sgt. Sean Lewis entered FOX19 with a mission on Friday afternoon: to surprise his wife Christy.

"This is the third time being away because of military duty," said Sgt. Lewis. "So I'm going to surprise her. She thinks I'm coming home in March."

Sgt. Lewis had emailed us, asking FOX19 to help him surprise his wife. How could we say no? We asked Christy to come in to our studio for an interview on life as a military wife.

What she didn't know is while she and her daughter, Hope, were talking to us on set live during our 6:30 newscast, her husband was waiting just feet away from her, behind the set.

So at the beginning of our early evening newscast, we took Sgt. Lewis to the set, and had him wait behind it for nearly an hour, until he heard the trigger question, the one about that Skype interview that we promised Christy. Moments after the question was asked, Sgt. Lewis walked out from behind the set and surprised Christy and Hope.

Christy promised us that she had no clue what her husband was up to.

"Yeah, they're like you're going to come in and do an interview," said Christy Lewis. "He told me before, but don't tell the news people. You're not supposed to know {about the Skype interview}. I'm playing dumb and everything. Wow!"

The family now has two weeks to spend together until Sgt. Lewis has to head back to Afghanistan.

Daddy didn't come home empty handed, though. He brought Hope a Hello Kitty stuffed animal. It's her favorite thing in the world.

"I have not spent a Christmas with her yet, " said Sgt. Lewis. "So I can't wait to see her open that Christmas present!"

And Christy's Christmas wish?

"For it to actually be a real Christmas," she said.

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