Butler Co. auditor to put price verification inspections online

The Butler County Auditor's office is now putting price verification inspections on area businesses online.

"Butler County is an excellent place to shop for goods and services.  Most stores consistently pass the verification check." says Roger Reynolds, Butler County Auditor. "However, our office has noticed a substantial increase in failed pricing tests this year."

Consumers will be able to find out which stores comply with county price verification inspections and which are not.

"By putting the pass/fail verification list on-line, consumers will have a better idea of which stores are consistently updating their pricing systems." says Reynolds.  "I guess you could say it is a naughty and nice list of area businesses regarding price tests."

Residents can go to the Auditor's Website at www.butlercountyauditor.org and will see the icon on the home page marked "Store Price Check Results," where the user can click on either the 'pass' page or the 'fail' page.

"In 2010, the percentage of stores failing our scanning inspection stood at 10.9 percent. This year, it has increased to 20.1 percent." notes Tom Kamphaus, Consumer Services Director for the Butler County Auditor's Office. "Stores don't usually mislabel prices on purpose. Staffing cutbacks and constant pricing changes have played a huge part. But the rules still apply, and the consumer must be protected. Our website will be an extra tool for shoppers."

The Auditor's Consumer Division runs verification tests on every store that uses an electronic scanning system. The store is given three attempts to comply, so failed results usually means that there is a pricing problem.

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