Ironworkers ask elected officials for more infrastructure projects

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Ironworkers Union Local 44 is proud to say it has built Greater Cincinnati since 1905 and to keep the tradition going it's putting politicians face to face with contractors to start an open dialogue about infrastructure, a so-called "necessary investment" to keep jobs and boost the economy.

The Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino is currently the biggest project employing ironworkers from Local 44. Set to open in 2012, the casino creates more than 2,000 construction jobs for the region.

Union member Dave Goerler hopes to work on the casino in 2012 doing internal lighting and sign work. He says there need to be more projects like the casino to keep him on the job.

"It hits our families...worrying if the project is going to go through or not or which way it goes," says Goerler.

In a room filled with state politicians and local council members Tuesday night, the union urged better communication between the companies hiring the workers and the elected officials funding the projects.

"This is a bi-partisan meeting because people have different opinions on where to spend money so we just wanted to extend the hand and say that we'll do whatever we can," says union Business Manager Jason Mullins.

Many agree, infrastructure is not a partisan issue, but the path to get there can go many different ways which is why Local 44 would like to see more long term contracts.

"If you're going to spend your money you need to spend it to where the businesses will take it and use it and promote more business growth," says Mullins.

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