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More travelers choosing to drive this year, rather than fly


AAA Says the number of Ohioans flying this season is down 10 percent this year, but more than 3.4 million people will hit the roads, up from last year. The 11-day period from Friday to January 2nd is expected to be the nation's second highest travel season in a decade.

For Rich and Dee Roche from Michigan, the decision to drive over flying this Christmas was a no-brainer.
"Take the kids Christmas presents, don't have to worry about luggage, don't have to worry about having a carry on," Roche said.
In addition to being able to carry more presents for the kids, they say getting behind the wheel for their drive from Michigan to Virginia simply cost less dollars and made more sense.
"It would cost over $1,000 for both of us, just to go down there and back," Roche said.
AAA Reports a one percent increase in Ohioans deciding to drive this holiday over last year.
"We're headed to Florida Central Florida, we've been on the road since 8am, we're from Michigan," said Rob Louisell.
Virtually all the drivers we caught up with at the I-75 South rest stop in Monroe said airline prices was the main push to hit the road.
"Gas prices are down right now and airline prices are up," said driver Gary Iliff.
The scenic views along the way, also hit a high note with drivers.
"You can see more of the country, when you fly you get there quick, but you miss a lot of the countryside," Iliff said.
And price wasn't the only concern for drivers, many say the hassle of airport security just isn't suited for them.
"There's all those nasty stories about TSA, and we're in control of ourselves when we're on the road," said driver Linda Louisell.
AAA  also says only about 6 percent of travelers will use airline services this holiday season.
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