Occupy Cincinnati takes on the live nativity at Krohn Conservatory

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Occupy Cincinnati movement is bringing some holiday cheer and a strong message to a Tri-state Christmas tradition.

Since 1939 Western and Southern has sponsored a live nativity at Krohn Conservatory. Over the years the live Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus have turned to plastic models but the animals are real and the inn is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

This year the occupiers decided to target the nativity because of it's sponsor, Western and Southern.

"Western and Southern is the company that is working to force the Anna Louise Inn out of Lytle Park a place meant to end homelessness for numerous women," says occupier Josh Spring.

"They are claiming in Eden Park that they are about helping people, that they are about Jesus, that they are about Christmas but their actions prove that they are in fact for pushing poor people out of town."

The occupiers lined the pathway to the live nativity around 7:30 Wednesday night singing Christmas carols and wishing visitors a Merry Christmas. They also passed out a small pamphlet entitled, "A Christmas Message."

The occupation was peaceful but some visitors weren't expecting their presence and message during a family holiday tradition. One woman described it as "sacrilegious" and a father said "Don't mess with Christmas.'

Western and Southern replied "no comment" and as long as it plans to remove the Anna Louise Inn, occupiers say they will stand ready to fight back.

"We are saying no, the people are more important, life is more important, the message of Christmas is more important than Western and Southern."

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