Aiken bus catches fire on way to tournament

The Aiken boys basketball team is fortunate that no one was hurt after its bus caught fire while en route to a tournament in Tennessee.

According to Cincy Prep Hoops Report, the bus caught fire and burned to its frame Wednesday afternoon about two hours north of Memphis.

The team along with its cheerleading squad was on its way to play in the Lynx Holiday Classic in Memphis hosted by Lausanne Collegiate School.

The fire started after a back tire blew out and caught sparks. Everyone made it safely off the bus but the team lost uniforms, equipment, shoes and personal items in the fire.

The students then had to wait on the side of the highway for a new bus to pick them up.

Head coach Leon Ellison says the experience was tough but the players pulled through.

"We were in high spirits because we were glad that everyone was okay and no one was in any danger so that was the most important thing and material things will always come back," says Ellison.

To help the players, Lausanne Collegiate bought the entire team new Nike shoes to play Wednesday night against the Lausanne Lynx.

Aiken lost the game by five points but came back Thursday night with a major 62-48 win over Mitchell.

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