Fort Mitchell hotel to close under city's chronic nuisance ordinance

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

FORT MITCHELL, KY (FOX19) - A Fort Mitchell hotel will be closings its doors after several violations under the city's 'Chronic Nuisance Ordinance.'

The ordinance passed in August of 2010 after five years of heightened police, fire, EMS and other service calls to the USA Hotel on Dixie Highway.  The ordinance requires a person or business cited to propose and implement a plan known as an Agreed Abatement Plan to end nuisance activities.

A notice of violation was given to the hotel's owner, Vijay Patel, in March of 2011 for repeated criminal activities that occurred at the hotel between October 2010 and March 2011 that included drug activity, alcohol activity, assaults and other criminal activity.

In July 2011, the city and the hotel entered into an Agreed Abatement Plan that required installation of a camera system, the installation of a security fence, the hiring of a security guard, building maintenance and rules enforcement for customers. Later that month, the hotel received its first citation under the ordinance for continued criminal activity and non-compliance with the Agreed Abatement Plan.

In November of 2011, Patel was charged with occupational license violations by the Kenton County Attorney's Office.

By December of 2011, a sixth citation had been issued, and a subsequent inspection revealed continued violations of the fire code.

On Dec. 19, the city received a letter from the hotel's attorney, William Bartlett, indicating the hotel would not take any new customers and would not renew current customers, and would close by the end of January 2012.

On Dec. 22, Fort Mitchell Administrative Officer Brian Houillion sent a letter to the hotel determining he would not allow the renewal of the hotel's occupational license. Hotel ownership may request a hearing.

Patel is scheduled to be in Kenton District Court on Jan. 5 on the criminal charges for non-compliance and occupational license requirements.

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