UPS working hard to deliver last minute holiday gifts on time

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - With Christmas only three days away UPS is in high gear making an estimated 25 million deliveries around the world today.  That works out to 300 deliveries every second.

In the greater Cincinnati area alone, UPS delivered nearly 200,000 packages on Wednesday and those packages just keep coming from people like Melissa Whitworth.  She says made a special trip to the Norwood UPS store for one reason: "Sending packages back to Louisiana so they get there on time for Christmas, but I'm paying for it because I waited until the last minute."

But those big brown trucks have been busy for weeks.  UPS driver Michael Bizaillon says the pace starts to pick up in November.  He says, "The Monday after Thanksgiving it really kicks in and the trucks are going out. Some trucks are going out with 300 stops and they get them done."

That's the kind of reassurance Melissa Whitworth wants to hear. She says, "I'm very confident it'll arrive when its supposed to. I just can't worry about it."

That kind of worry free service has been good for business.  Tom Brandeberry who manages the Norwood UPS store says "Typically during the holiday season we probably do anywhere from 300 to 450 packages a day at this store. Customer count varies, but normally it keeps ups on our toes.

William Taylor who manages the downtown UPS store says "Now we're getting down to crunch time which is the very last minute people."

For those who like to wait until the 11th hour, holiday packages can still be dropped off at a UPS store on Friday and still have them delivered by Christmas eve.

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