Protestors outside Boehner's office vent frustrations over partisanship

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Dozens of protestors gathered outside of Speaker of the House John Boehner's West Chester office Thursday to speak out against the stalemate in Washington over the payroll tax cut extension.

At the time of the protest there was no deal in Congress over the payroll tax cut, but House leaders were able to come up with a compromise late Thursday afternoon. However, that doesn't erase some of the frustrations people have about the partisan leadership going on in Washington.

"I think there is a level of frustration and disbelief that this congress lead by speaker Boehner would go to these extremes," said Doug Sizemore, Executive Secretary for the AFL-CIO Labor Council, who was at the protest.

"There is too much partisan…they need to set all the partisan crap aside and work with each other," said Charles Morton.

Congress will have another chance to try to work together when they try to pass a full year extension for unemployment benefits in the new year.

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