Last minute holiday shoppers head to the malls

With Christmas almost here many folks are doing one of two things: Traveling or shopping. In fact holiday shoppers are visiting area malls by the thousands, snapping up last minute gifts before Christmas arrives.

Xavier University Hockey Coach Phil Ganz says he's been too busy to shop. He says "I tend to procrastinate."

Ganz and a lot of other people have excuses for last minute shopping.  Corrius Booker says he's been "Basically procrastinating, getting everything else done....I went toy shopping for my son....that's about it. Got a lot of shopping to do....busy....and I always shopping the last couple of days before Christmas."

Melanee Atkinson says its hard to find time to shop. She says "My husband and I work full time and we have two children and getting out without them is sometimes difficult so we're here two days."

Amy Farrell says she just likes to shop.  She says "We're just picking up a few last minute things and found some great bargains and buying more than we expected."

Michael Brown says he's looking for some good deals. "Prices go down a lot when it gets closer to Christmas because everybody's trying to buy things so a lot of sales going on."

Heather Plum says there's only one reason she brought her two children. She says "Of course we've been waiting to see Santa....the wait is about two hours today so we're just hoping that our time is coming up pretty soon and we'll wait to see Santa and get our picture taken and tell him what we want for Christmas."

Some people like Ross O'Rourke just want a little holiday cheer. O'Rourke says "I don't care about the crowds I just wanted to come here and get in the holiday spirit and there's no better place to do it than Kenwood mall."

This year's sales totals are still weeks away, but retailers are hoping the success of Black Friday.

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