Last minute shoppers make retailers smile

This holiday season is expected to be merry for a lot of retailers as shoppers will have spent nearly $470 billion, and some of it was spent at the last minute.

Kynthasha Robinson-Wells says she put off some of her holiday shopping until the last minute because of her busy schedule. She says, "I'm exhausted and so the weekends are more suitable for me and that's why I just, just waited until the last minute."

Ralph Jackson says making holiday purchases at the last minute has become a habit. Jackson says, "I just think that at the last minute you kind of beat some of the crowd because I always think that after Black Friday everybody's in the store shopping so I never seem to get it done until the last minute. I'm one of those annual last minute shoppers."

Jason Toth, who manages the Oakley Target store, says this holiday season has been very merry indeed. He says, "We've been real, real busy....a lot of guests coming in just stock shelves....getting people what they need. Making sure that they have everything that their kids want on their list....everything that Santa can't get for them right now."

Toth says some items have been flying off the shelves. He says "The hot items have been like leapfrog, leap pad, the iPod, the iPads...everything from the fijet...going from toys to electronics. Unfortunately sometimes they're a little too late, but we like to get everything in as much as possible...we got some fijets left."

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