Toys for Tots warehouse burglarized

ST. BERNARD, OH (FOX19) - St. Bernard Police are looking for the individuals responsible for stealing 2,000 toys from the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation. Police say the theft happened over the weekend at a warehouse the Toys for Tots Foundation was renting to store some of the donated toys.

The thieves gained access to the warehouse by breaking out a window.

"It's tragic, these kids are in need of a lot of things," said Kim Besse, who has donated to the foundation. "To get something special at Christmas time it would be a blessing for them."

"I was in awe and shock that it even could have happened to us because it's Christmas and you wouldn't think someone would do something so crazy," said Sgt. Jonathon Briick, Toys for Tots Coordinator for the Tri-State.

On Tuesday, Briick discovered 2,000 toys, being stored at a rental warehouse in St. Bernard, had been stolen.

"Each age group and gender had toys stolen and things were thrown across the floor," said Briick. "It's not that they just took stuff, they also made a huge mess on top of that."

Everything from Barbie dolls, skateboards and special MP3 players were stolen from the warehouse. All of the items were still in boxes. The stolen toys were to be carried over for next year's toy drive.

Now Toys for Tots is choosing a different warehouse to store their toys and even thinking about installing surveillance cameras.

"It never even came into my mind that I would have to worry about anything during the entire campaign," said Briick.

Anyone with information to help solve this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040.

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