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17-year-old charged with murder after fatal assault at children's home


The 16-year-old victim of an assault at a Fairfield Township children's home has died from his injuries, and the 17-year-old suspect has been charged with murder.

The victim has been identified as Anthony Parker, a student at Fairfield High School.

Police say the assault happened last week when a 17-year-old attacked Parker over a flashlight at the One Way Farm. After the fight, Parker was taken to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati and placed on life support due to serious head injuries.

"Everyone from our staff to our board has been horrified that something like this occurred after caring for almost 9,000 children and youth for over 34 years," said Jody Canupp, development director for One Way Farm. "We care about these children and youth as our own, as we are all grieving this loss."

One Way Farm officials say Parker was walking around and talking normally right after being struck, so there was no reason to believe there was any serious injury, and the suspect had no history of violence to their knowledge. Despite the tragedy they told they maintain, they're proud of how their staff responded following the incident.

"We all wish there was a way for such an incident to have never happen, without completely changing the very family atmosphere we believe is important to our work," said Canupp.

The 17-year-old suspect was facing an aggravated assault charge and is being held at the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center. After consulting with the Butler County Prosecutor's Office, the Fairfield Township Police Department charged the teen with murder. The prosecutor's office also said that the death resulted from an attack against Parker, and not a fight as originally reported.

Officials at Fairfield High School say there will be a moment of silence to honor Parker when students return to class on Monday.

"Anthony enjoyed following some of the local sports teams.  He loved the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds," said Fairfield Principal Billy Smith. "In class, he really enjoyed participating. He was a pleasure to have in class, and he was always willing to do anything he could to help others.  Anthony always smiled and seemed to be happiest when he was able to help others."

Since the incident, 10 children have been removed from the One Way Farm and placed in temporary care, including three under the care of Butler County Children's Services.
"We've had good success with One Way Farm, in my five years of being here, and so this is the first incident like this that we can recall, so we were a little surprised," said Jeff Centers, Director of Butler County Children's Services.

The Fairfield Police Department is continuing to investigate the incident.

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