Bengals reduce prices to some tickets next season

2012 Ticket Prices (Source:
2012 Ticket Prices (Source:

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Bengals ticket office is announcing lower ticket prices in some sections of the stadium for next season. No prices will be increased, and multiple sections of Paul Brown Stadium will see price reductions.

"We're hopeful that a lot of fans will come back," Bengals spokesperson Jeff Berding said. "The lower prices we think help, a winning team helps."

Many fans weighing-in were happy to hear about the discounts.

"I think the Bengals need to lower the tickets a little bit to draw the fans down to the stadium because with today's economy that means a whole lot," Bengals fan William Ascue said.

"It's a great idea for them to drop the tickets, therefore it opens up the number of people that can come," fellow fan Terry Wallace added.

Not all fans are ready to jump back on the Bengals bandwagon, however.

"I think it's a good way to get some people to come but I think that there are other people that just will not come until other things chance besides the ticket prices," Lori Brohier said.

Brohier is not surprised to see the ticket prices drop.

"I think that people expected it. What else are they going to do?" she questioned.  "The stadium is not even two-thirds full."

She does not believe the cuts come as a result of the team responding to fans' concerns.

"I just think that they want people to come and fill the seats and that's probably one of the only ways there going to get that to happen," Brohier argued. is reporting Season tickets for 2012 will be available for as low as $40 per game. The $40 locations for 2012 are being decreased from a $60 price point in 2011, a 33 percent reduction. More than 14,500 seats will have a reduced price in 2012, representing more than 27 percent of stadium seating.

Cincinnati will face the their division rivals Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh and the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders at home next season.


  • Zone J (Rows 13 and higher, Canopy) ... $40, previously $60
  • Zone H (Rows 13 and higher, Canopy) ... $50, previously $68
  • Zone G (Rows 13 and higher, Canopy) ... $60, previously $68
  • Box H (Rows 1-12 Canopy) ... $65, previously $68
  • Zone F (Rows 13 and higher, Canopy) ... $65, previously $68

The seating areas where prices will remain unchanged from 2011 are:


  • Zone K (North Club Level) ... $60
  • Box J (Rows 1-12 Canopy) ... $60
  • Boxes F and G (Rows 1-12, Canopy) ... $68
  • Zones D, E (Corners / End Zone, Field Level) ... $72
  • Zones A, B, C (Sidelines, Field Level) ... $80
  • Zone CC (Convertible Club, Club Level ... $80

Bengals spokesperson Jeff Berding says they sold over 500 tickets in just the few hours after sales began at 9 a.m.

"Tickets have been flying off the shelves," Berding said. "The phones have been ringing and our sales staff has been very busy."

The Pre-2012 sale is not typical. Berding says season tickets usually go on sale beginning in April. He says as recently as three years ago 98 percent of tickets were already claimed so they were unable to push up the sale date.

"The fact is we didn't have as many tickets to sell in the off season so we didn't have to sell this early," Berding said. "Obviously [this year] we have a lot of seats available. We wanted to get them out as early as possible; there's a lot of excitement right now."

"Kind of catch the enthusiasm while you can and stuff like that," Wallace said. "This is practically a playoff game and the towns finally getting behind the Bengals."

Tickets can be purchased by calling the Bengals Ticket Hotline at (513) 621-TDTD (8383)