Businesses hurt by lack of snow

Ohio transportation officials are thrilled by the lack of snow. ODOT spent only $2.5 million on road preparations so far this year compared to $18.5 million at this time last year.  However, the lack of snow has hurt other businesses.

Harry Ewers and Sons sells salt by the bag, by the pallet and by the ton. Last December, they sold 23,000 bags, but this month they've sold only about 2,500.  Ewers sells primarily to contractors like Chris Gum, who owns Upscale Landscaping.  Gum also does snow removal, but his says this year things have been a little slow.

"We've only done a few salt applications so far this year, just enough where its been icy overnight," he said.

This time last year Gum's company billed about $28,000 for snow removal and salt application, but this winder the money is just trickling in and he still has bills to pay.

"I've got six trucks, and we've got all the salt spreading equipment, the plows, the guys, you got to buy the advance," he said. "So we're probably sitting on 160 tons of bulk salt right now in containers and bobcats sitting right now and you're paying for it."

Chip Perfect, co-owner of Perfect North Slopes, says his business is holding its own.

"This has been one of our more challenging seasons in recent history with the weather we've had," he said.

Perfect North is able to keep skiers happy with the latest in snow making technology.

"We've got about 50 percent of our terrain open and actually business has been pretty good," said Perfect.

Snow boarder Tate Schrieber says he likes the skiing conditions.

"Perfect North's doing pretty good making their own snow," he said.

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