Big weekend ahead for local bars and restaurants

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bars and restaurants across the Tri-State are prepping for a packed weekend.

"We're getting some more beer deliveries tomorrow and Saturday to make sure we're stocked up and have actually too much," Jill Tyler, manager at Willie's on Glenway Avenue said. "We want to be overstocked so we never have to worry about running out of something."

"Obviously we ordered a lot more for this weekend than we normally would," said Bob Pallatroni.

Pallatroni is the owner of Tavern on the Hill in Mount Adams. He says when it comes to the upcoming weekend, a perfect storm is brewing.

"New Years Saturday night, the Bengals with a playoff implication game … and then we have all the bowl games Monday," Pallatroni explained.

He says the Bengal's sell-out announcement was welcomed news after weeks of blackouts.

"I was happy," Pallatroni admitted with a laugh.

He also says he is glad to see the game is slated for later in the day.

"Let's face it," he said. "New Years Eve people are going to be staying out late celebrating the new year so a one o'clock start comes a little early, a four o'clock start is a little easier for people to get up, get their day going, and hopefully get ready to watch the game."

"We definitely see an increase in business when they go on TV so we're always watching to see if they're going to be on air," Tyler said.

Across town, Willie's has only been open for a few weeks and they say they could not be happier they will be able to punch-up the Bengals on the big screens Sunday.

"They are very good for business, very good for business," Tyler said.

She says they are expecting the best sales since their opening.

"We do have quite a few regulars that have season tickets so we'll miss them, but it'll bring in people who don't want to sit at home and watch it; they want to come out and experience the excitement," Tyler said.

They say they are looking forward not only to higher numbers at the cash register, but on the scoreboard as well.

"We're really set up for a lot of business and hopefully celebrating a Bengals win," Pallatoni said.

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