Crowds enjoy Fountain Square fireworks

Hundreds gathered at Fountain Square to bring in the new year with fireworks, music and free ice skating.

American Fireworks set up more than 300 fireworks on the roof of Macy's.  The display lasted about nine minutes and was choreographed to the music.

The fireworks are called proximity fireworks because they produce dazzling explosions of color but cool before they hit the ground.

Vicki Monahan says she wouldn't miss it.

"Actually we came downtown for new year's eve last year….last minute thing and we decided to come down again," she said.

Mark Gonyea says he wanted to spend new year's in the Queen City.

"We got friends that we meet half way with from Michigan and we decided Cincinnati would be a great place to hang out for new years so that's where we come at," he said.

"This our time square in Cincinnati so everyone celebrates together…it's so much fun to see the melting pot that happens at midnight…I mean you have people of all ages, of all cultures, everyone comes out….it's a true melting pot," said Christy Samad with Cincinnati City Center Development Corporation.

Eric Christophe says the free ice skating is a good deal.

"We decided to bring the kids out and do a little ice skating and just the atmosphere," he said.

Monahan says nothing compares to Fountain Square.

"We had a lot of options, but to be able to come downtown and to visit all the places down here and have some drinks and some food," she said.

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