Brown Rice Salad from Gramma Debbie's Kitchen

Brown Rice Salad

2 cups   Brown Rice

4 cups   Water

1/2 cup    Maple Vinaigrette (see recipe below)

1/2  cup   Raisins (or your choice of dried fruit, such as craisins or golden raisins)

1/2 cup   Pecans, chopped

1 bunch   Fresh Parsley, chopped

Put rice and water in a pot with a tight fitting lid, bring to a boil then simmer until tender, should be about 30 minutes.

Add raisins and vinaigrette to rice while still warm.  Chill, then add parsley and pecans.

This is best served at room temperature.  I like it for breakfast!

Maple Vinaigrette

1              cup         EVOO

1/2         cup         Cider Vinegar

1              tbsp       salt

1              tbsp       pepper

1/2         cup         maple syrup

1/2         tsp          cinnamon