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Avoiding accidents during light snow

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - On Monday, the combination of snow, freezing temperatures and wind caused plenty of accidents on Kentucky and Ohio roads.

"We've handled about 15 crashes today just in the Warren County area, which is our primary assignment," said Sgt. Charles Obryan. "More than half have been snow related."

Not a lot of snow accumulated on the roads, however Ohio State Police Sgt. Charles Obryan says the light snow can cause some of the most dangerous driving conditions.

"When there is not a lot of snow, and the wind is blowing like it is now, the roads can be dry then all of a sudden you run into a drifting snow bank which makes it slick in certain spots," said Obryan.

There are three things drivers can do to avoid accident.

- Slow down, especially on hills and curves.

- Keep plenty of distance between you and the car ahead.

- If you hit a slick spot, don't slam-on the brakes.

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