Bengals fans make plans for Houston

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - With four days to go until the Bengals make their appearance in Houston, fans in the Tri-state are excited.

It's an expensive proposition, and one most people just weren't prepared for. But for those who have the means to do it, getting game tickets, hotel rooms, and most likely a flight booked are at the top of the to-do list right now.

Mickey Mentzer of Loveland describes himself as a "long-suffering" Bengals fan. In 2005, he and some buddies would drive home from games, listen to the radio, and when they didn't like what they heard, they wished they had a way to voice their opinions without waiting hours to get on the air.  So they started

"It just kind of grew and grew and we were getting 3 to 10 hits a day when we started, and for example Sunday we got 4,000 hits," said Mentzer.

Excited as a kid on Christmas morning, Mentzer booked his airline ticket Tuesday after getting the blessing from his wife, who will go with him to the game.

He's hoping others from the Tri-State are doing the same to support a team who surprised almost everyone.

"It's awesome, and what makes this season so much more awesome is that the expectations were so low going into the season. For the Bengals to be 9 and 6 going to the playoffs, when national analysts picked us to be the worst team in the NFL is just unbelievable," he said.

He still has to get tickets for the game, and a place to stay.  It's a price he's willing to pay.

He wants the team to know there will be people in Houston who have been behind their team all the way.

"Let's bring it home, Bengals. The first playoff win in 20 plus years would be awesome. Just do what the fans believe you can do," he said.

Jeff Berding with the Bengals tells FOX19 that a good option for getting tickets is to go to the NFL Ticket Exchange website. You'll have to go to the Texans page, and there you'll find Houston season ticket holders who are selling their tickets.

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