On-Line Company Peddling Fake Jordans

When cousins Giles Williams and Daniel Reynolds came across an on-line business peddling Michael Jordan basketball shoes for $65 a pair, they thought it was a slam dunk.


etro Jordans, like the ones sold at The Finish Line, are $100 to $135 bucks. "They're selling them so cheap on the Internet. They're selling them half-price. So we figured we order off the Internet and make a little profit," Giles told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Last November, Giles and Daniel sent Jerseykicks.com. aka Perefectkicks.com., $700 for 10 pairs of shoes. The Florida-based company promises the shoes will be delivered within 7 to 15 business days.

It's been over three months and the boys still don't have their shoes. So they called FOX 19.

"I feel like we just got beat," said Daniel.

They're not alone.

As FOX 19 discovered, the on-line shoe company has plenty of unhappy customers.

Several people across the country say they've been slammed by the Internet tennis shoe business. Including a Marine stationed in California. Sgt. Schamarr Meaders says last June he and members of his platoon ordered 30 pairs of Jordans. He says they only got 10 pairs, and are out nearly $2,000.

"I'm definitely out the money. It's been a headache from the time I started this," said Sgt. Meaders during a telephone interview with FOX 19.

On January 23, Omar Lydner, one of the owners of this company, told FOX 19 he was out of the shoes Daniel and Giles ordered, but said the boys could select from another list and he would send them out ASAP!.

Daniel and Giles agreed, but the shoes never came..

Since then, the company's customer hotline is down. Lydner's cell phone is disconnected. And calls to what we believe is Lydner's home, haven't been returned.

And here's the real kicker. Nike says the on-line business is not authorized to sell its shoes. Instead, the company is selling cheaper imitations!

That's why Jerseykicks.com aka Perfectkicks.com is in the Tell, Tom Dog House!

If you've been duped by this company, you can call the Attorney General's Office in Florida and file a complaint. That number: 850 414-3990.