Police react to complaints of unruly behavior in Mt. Adams

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Anyone planning to head to Mt. Adams this weekend should expect to see a larger police presence.

Police are responding to neighbors' concerns about unruly behavior in Mt. Adams by making changes to police patrols and traffic flow.

Police say a major problem comes when people go to leave the bars. Since the demand for taxis is up and there is not a lot of room for them on the narrow streets, they say people start wandering into more residential areas looking to catch a cab on its way up the hill. Neighbors say that's when the bad behavior escalates.

"It crosses the line when people are banging on your door to use the restroom at two o'clock in the morning and your children are sleeping upstairs," neighbor Donna Doran said.

Doran lives in Mount Adams with her two kids and says she has been there since 2002.

"I love the walking neighborhood, I love living in Eden Park, it's a great place to raise kids," she said. "It's just the weekends … it's getting out of control."

She says things have gotten worse over the last year.

"We want to be able to live in peace on the weekends," echoed neighbor Alex Quintaba.

Quintaba agrees that something must be done to curb the chaos trickling down from the bars.

"Kids coming down here [are] urinating, breaking beer bottles, screaming obscenities, I mean it's just a whole host of drunken disorderly behavior," Quintaba explained.

Cincinnati Police say they are working to make changes.

FOX19 sat down with Sgt. Steve Saunders, a neighborhood liaison, who showed exactly what police are working on the make the area safer.

He says a main goal is to keep traffic moving.

"The challenge with that is for the police department is managing the flow of traffic especially in an area like Mt. Adams that is extremely congested," Saunders explained.

To help, five or six taxi stand spaces will be added to Pavilion Street on the weekends in addition to the current spaces available on St. Gregory Street.

Another goal is to increase patrols.

"The police are strapped. We have a lot of issues in Cincinnati and there are bigger fish to fry but we want to keep this a good neighborhood, a safe neighborhood, and a historic neighborhood," Doran said.

"The format we're trying to change is to make them more a roving patrol so they can assist with the traffic flow better, be more aware of the patrons as they're leaving the bars," Saunders said.

Right now, Saunders says officers in the area are hired by the bars and stay in one location. He says the bars are considering adding a supervising officer and have the other officers move around the area.

One bar owner says the decision on whether to hire another officer will come within the next two weeks.

Saunders says there are also considering adding more light to darkened side streets and will be speaking to taxi companies at the end of the month about proper pick-up procedures.

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