Community helps repair Westwood Church

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Within the last year, the Third Presbyterian Church on McHenry road has flooded, lost heat and has had roof damage. But now many of those problems are resolved thanks to the help of volunteers.

Just a month ago, the congregation was worshiping in the basement of their church, which was heated by three small space heaters. The sanctuary had no heat.

"It's been very very cold in here but we've been used to it," said Meka Terry, an elder at the church.

Flooding where the boiler is kept had knocked out the heat throughout the church. The congregation noticed the problem in November, but didn't have the money to fix it. Then the surrounding Cincinnati community stepped up to the plate.

"If we didn't get the help, the church probably would not be open," said Terry. "So these people actually see a need for the church to be open and we thank God for that."

Several churches throughout Cincinnati have given their time and money to fix the church. Also, contractors donated their services to repair the church's boiler and furnace for free.

"We've been blessed with heat now back up here in the sanctuary and it's been awesome," said Terry.

Over the weekend, crews from Bartlett Tree Experts trimmed trees and other weeds that were causing problems.

"It's unbelievable the time that people put in, who want this church to stay open," said Terry. 
"It is a center piece of this community, it really is."

On Tuesday, the church's pastor of 22-years passed away. The church still has work to do inside the sanctuary, replacing the carpet and fixing several holes in the ceiling.

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