Cincinnati police increase presence in Mt. Adams

Friday night was the first night police increased their presence in Mt. Adams, but despite concerns from some neighbors, not everyone thinks the extra patrols are necessary.

An increase in noise, coupled with complaints of public urination and fist fights, is why Cincinnati police are making more of an effort to patrol the streets at night. Even though things look different in the daylight, not everyone living in Mt. Adams thinks there is a problem.

"We got plenty of cops up here and they do a darn good job I think," said Mt. Adams resident Ralph Selich.

To cut down on the traffic congestion, police are adding a second taxi stand along Pavilion Street, and instead of keeping officers in a central location, CPD says it will have roving patrols.

Workers at the Bow Tie Cafe think the added police presence is necessary to keep things under control.

"I'm here alone until the wee hours of the morning, and things get really, really, crazy, especially because we're surrounded by bars," said Erin Baker, a barista at the Bow Tie Cafe.

Fellow barista Cambridge Brosterman says, "I would like to see more of a lockdown on the fighting and the public drunkenness and things like that just to keep this part of the city safe."

But some bars think the complaints are blown out of proportion, and the late night atmosphere is part of living in Mt. Adams. So now it's just time to wait and see if the added taxi stand and extra police will really cut down on the rowdiness.

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