SCLC: Deny Hamilton Police accreditation

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Sixteen Hamilton residents at Monday's Hamilton Police Department's accreditation hearing addressed the accreditation board.

Members of the city's minority and black communities expressed their outrage, saying the Hamilton Police Department should be denied accreditation.

"You come in the African American community in this city, and you see young people standing on the corner talking and a block or two down you'll see a police cruiser looking at them as if they are suspects," said Bishop Richard Cox, Dayton SCLC Chapter President.

Cox believes the Hamilton Police Department's application to renew their accreditation should be denied. He says over the past four years,140 complaints have been filed against the department. Also, Cox accused some Hamilton Police Officers of being involved in a organization called the "Monkey Mutual Aid Society."

"It's a racist organization that we believe membership is a conflict of justice for all," said Cox.

In FOX19'S commitment to balanced news, we talked with Hamilton Police Chief Neil Ferdelman about the accusations against his department.

"We've indicted officers, or had them indicted or criminally charged," said Ferdelman. "We don't tolerate wrong doing and where we can prove their has been wrong doing we take action."

And when asked about the "Monkey Mutual Aid Society" Ferdelman said, "I am not a member, I have not been in the building and I'm not aware of any officers that are members."

The SCLC plans to address the City of Hamilton council on Wednesday night at the regularly scheduled council meeting.