Fairmount receives Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant

WASHINGTON, DC (FOX19) - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan announced today that Fairmount is one of 13 communities across the nation that will receive a total of $3.6 million in Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants.

The Fairmount community will receive a grant amount of $201,844 for the target public housing project at English Woods.

Fairmount has seen continued non-investment for many years that has led to a wide variety of concerns among residents. Nearly half of the neighborhood's population lives below the poverty line, the long term vacancy rates are almost three times that of the county and the neighborhood public school has been, until the past school year, in "Academic Emergency."

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and other partners will engage the community to create a plan for how the 70 acres of land where English Woods once stood can properly provide a boost of housing opportunities, amenities and services needed in the community.

The Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant will allow CMHA, the Community Building Institute and other partners to develop a neighborhood transformation plan that will be sustainable for years to come. The transformation plan will address the need for quality education, resident safety, access to fresh food and groceries, commercial development and employment.

Community engagement will play a vital role by informing the community and partners of the plan's progress and by soliciting input through one-on-one stakeholder and community meetings.

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