City auditioning 'The City That Sings' as a slogan

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - City Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan wants Cincinnati to be known as the 'City That Sings,' to tie in with the city hosting the world choir games in July.

"Why is Cincinnati the city that sings...well we have a rich tradition of singing, we're hosting the World Choir Games," said Quinlivan.

The slogan was coined by Robert Stevie, President of the Sister City Association, and Quinlivan says it makes a lot of sense.

"Our singing tradition in Cincinnati is the reason we won the World Choir Games over all the other cities that were competing to host it," said Quinlivan.

Jim Slouffman, President of the Kolping Sangerchor, likes the idea.

"The history of singing in Cincinnati goes way, way back. The German choirs back in 1849 had their first song festival here [at] the Sangerfest," said Slouffman.

However, University of Cincinnati Marketing professor Drew Boyd says coming up with a snappy slogan should come at the end of the branding process.

"What is it that goes through people's minds, what they expect from the city," said Boyd. "Figure that out, then march forward to brand build to ultimately create those visual elements...a logo, a slogan, a thing that when people see that then it triggers, it resonates. Oh yeah, that's what I expect from Cincinnati."

Julie Calvert with Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitor's Bureau says the slogan means more than just music.

"What is it that makes us sing, from the development happening on The Banks, to what's happening in Over-The-Rhine to what's happening right here at Fountain Square," she said. "All those things are creating economic development, creating momentum and that's the definition behind this idea that sings."

Quinlivan says adopting the slogan won't cost the city any money because it can be included on directional and emergency signs for the world choir games.  Quinlivan is asking the city administration to study the feasibility of adopting the slogan.

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