New school board president hopes to give Lakota a fresh start

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Lakota School District will look to a new leader on its school board, previous board Vice President Ben Dibble. Dibble has served on the board since 2010 and was appointed president after former board president Joan Powell stepped down.

Tuesday, Fox 19's Cory Stark asked Dibble three questions about how he plans to get a levy passed in Lakota.

Cory Stark: You said yesterday "The school board may be part of the reason for our failures, not always working toward the goal of providing the best education at the lowest cost." Are there particular instances where that occurred?

Dibble: There aren't particular instances, it's more we have to show the community better what we are doing and why we are doing it. A lot of it is communication. We are making decisions and not clearly communicating to the community why we are making those decisions.

Stark: The average salary for a teacher in Lakota is $62,000. The "No Lakota" group says the costs and spending in Lakota are too high. What's your response?

Dibble: They [Teachers] are highly qualified to do their job and are paid according to the pay wages those teachers get. We can't pay less than our competitive districts around us, that is just the way it works.

Cory Stark: Is a levy going to pass?

Dibble: I think if we do our jobs correctly as school board members and as the administration, we'll be able to communicate with the community what the need is, where the dollars are going and why we need those dollars. I hope the community will hear that message and vote for the levy when we put that on.

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