NKY school buses may soon carry billboard advertising

NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - A Kentucky legislative committee has approved a bill that would give school districts a fresh source of revenue.

The House Education Committee passed a measure Tuesday that would allow ads on the sides of school buses with some restrictions. Barred from the buses would be tobacco, alcohol and political ads.

"We would have to really see what the wording says. If its an appropriate location on the vehicles, what type of appropriate ads are going to be used," said Gerald Turner, Kenton County Schools assistant superintendent.

"If its going to provide additional income for the schools. You know, we're all a little tight in the pocket," said Tom Denning, a 13-year bus driver for Campbell County Schools.

Advertising space would be available on the exterior sides of the buses but not in the front or back. In Kenton County alone, advertisers would get 10,000 billboard miles every school day, and officials say the money generated would pave the way to better reduction.

There are many factors to consider before everyone hops on board the school bus billboard bandwagon, and the kids come first.

"As long as they don't interfere with the safety of the children. I say it's fine," said Denning. "Providing that the drivers don't have to worry about doing any maintenance or anything to them, I'd say, that's fine."

The additional income would stay in the school district. But even the money takes a back seat to the message the students would see every day.

"You've got to make sure the ads you're placing out there and the information that we're sharing with kids are age appropriate," said Turner.

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