Xavier students 'reflect' on basketbrawl

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Xavier University students had a chance to speak out about the brawl that occurred at the Crosstown Shootout in December.

In all, about 25 students trickled into the Cintas Center on Tuesday evening to attend a forum. No media or members of the public were allowed to attend. School leaders said the event was for students, and declined to comment on it.

Last week, university leaders first required students who attended the Crosstown Shootout game to attend one of three "mandatory reflection sessions." That was changed days later to an optional session. According to Xavier Provost and Chief Academic Officer Scott A. Chadwick, the meetings were canceled due to reaction from students and the public to the sessions. Students were told that if they did not attend a session, they would not be allowed to receive future student tickets to Xavier home games. Instead, the university held one voluntary assembly on Tuesday where students were allowed to talk about the fan reaction to the fight at the Crosstown Shootout.

According to a statement from Provost Chadwick, the new approach will "invite the entire undergraduate student community to discuss our strong Xavier spirit, show support by the students for the men's basketball team and our Xavier values, as well as focus on making the student game experience the best it can be."

Chadwick, Student Government Association President Ryan Alleman and representatives of X-treme fans will lead the meeting. The assembly also addressed how fan behavior affected the game atmosphere and what the school will do to avoid any similar situations in the future.

Alleman said the forum was more a conversation between students, adding that administrators were there, but didn't say much.

The Xavier University Men's Basketball team got into a fight with the University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball team on the basketball court during the annual game. The fight resulted in the suspension of four Xavier players and four UC players.

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