Mt. Washington billboard construction stopped after community council complaints

MOUNT WASHINGTON (FOX19) - The City of Cincinnati says a stop-order has been approved for the construction of a billboard in Mount Washington after complaints from their community council.

The Mount Washington Community Council called for the stop-order in a letter to the city. The MWCC says it should have been notified before the sign was approved and that the 40-foot-tall sign that would be constructed on the 2200 block of Beechmont Ave. violates multiple city codes.

Courtney Vonderhaar lives in Mount Washington, and says that the billboard would be an unwanted eyesore.

"Here we are, trying to make our neighborhood a better community, we're trying to improve our neighborhood and then something like this happens, and it's not a little something, it would be a huge something," she said.

The city says that a hearing date is pending for the case.

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