Tri-State road crews prepare for overnight snowstorm

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Crews across the Tri-State are preparing to work all night to make sure roads are safe following the overnight snow.

Cincinnati Public Services is putting a full shift of salt truck and plows on the roads overnight to keep drivers safe and cutdown on slick spots for the morning commute.

"Our concern is the weather being a little bit unpredictable...we're not sure exactly what we're going to get throughout the night, we got to be prepared for whatever happens," says Larry Whitaker with public services.

Whitaker says there are 60-65 crews out for a 12-hour shift de-icing and plowing before morning crews take over at 7:00 Friday morning.

"Our salt domes are pretty much stocked, we have, all of ours trucks are pretty much primed and ready to go," says Whitaker.

Crews started at 2:00 Thursday afternoon salting the bridges, overpasses and any elevated surfaces before getting to the major highways and secondary streets.

"Our concern at this point is just what's going to happen the hours leading into the morning rush and through the morning rush into the morning," says Whitaker.

Further north, trucks at the Butler County Engineer's Office are getting prepped to battle winter weather, treating county roads with salt.

"Basically all we have done this evening are the intersections, over passes, hills, curves things like that," said Steve Bader, snow plow driver.

Each driver has a designated route and Bader says he's glad to be back on the roads, for now.

"Initially everybody is excited about it, but you get into some of those big snows, freezing rain and ice is involved, people aren't so eager," said Bader.

On a much smaller scale, West Chester firefighter Ben Diesel treated the sidewalks and driveways around the fire station Thursday afternoon. He's preparing for a long night.

"We've already had a few crashes today and that's only from it being wet," said Diesel.

With the threat of the wet roads freezing overnight and into the early commute, road crews will be on standby and can be ready to hit the roads within 20 minutes.

"The sheriffs are out all night, they keep an eye on the roads and road conditions," said Bader.  "Then they would alert our supervisor and call everybody in."

Drivers on the road are happy to see the crews out and have enjoyed the delay in snow so far.

"I think they do a real good job, they can be a little slow about getting the side streets but the main like the interstates and the main streets they do a good job on that," says Greg McClure of Mt. Healthy.

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