Vigil keeps hope alive for missing Fairfield woman

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - Several dozen friends and family of Katelyn Markham braved the chilly temperatures to hold a candle light vigil for the missing woman.

Katelyn was last seen by her boyfriend on Aug. 13, and investigators say there is no evidence of a crime.

The Saturday night vigil is just the latest in a series of events held to bring public attention to Katelyn disappearance and to keep hope alive among her family and friends.  Mason Lenus says he expects Katelyn to come home.  "The hope is that she will pop up. She's hopefully somewhere in hiatus right now and she'll come up out of nowhere," said Lenus.

A woman named Shari, who doesn't even know Katelyn helped organize the vigil. "I've come to know her from the Internet. I've come to know her from her pictures and her journals and....she's just an amazing young lady," said Shari.

A young lady is missed terribly by her father David Markham.  "There's bad days when I have bad memories and bad days. I think we're reminded that Katelyn wants us to be happy, she wouldn't want us to be mopey so this was very nice, it was inspiring. It was actually very pleasant."

In the meantime Fairfield Police Chief Mike Dickey admits the investigation seems to be stalled. "We continue to get little bits of information especially after a vigil like this or some publicity in the paper. If substantive would come in I think we could have found her by now, but we do follow up on every lead and we encourage the public if they have something don't hesitate to give us a call," said Chief Dickey.

Chief Dickey says his investigators are not giving up. "Everyone in the police department has this on the forefront of their mind and we're doing what we can. As I said tonight 90 days or 900 days we're going to stay at it," said Chief Dickey.

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