Why You Should Not Wait to Hire an Attorney


Just applying for Social Security Disability can be a difficult process. We will:

  • File the right claim the first time. Did you know that when you file for Social Security Disability there are five different types of programs or sub-programs you could be eligible for? Careful, if you don't give them the specific information they need to qualify you will not be reviewed for that program. We make sure they are reviewing you for every program for which you are eligible from day one.
  • File the complete claim the first time. Social Security's definition of disabled is different from what you or your doctor may believe it to be. Many times it is not enough to just put in the application why you cannot work. We will work with you to provide social security a complete picture of why you are disabled, using their requirements.
  • File the best claim the first time. While the disability application questions are not meant to "trick" you, it is possible to give "wrong" answers. We will not lie for you. We will not cheat for you. We will not commit fraud for you or help you do it. What we can do is help you to avoid incomplete answers to questions which seem unimportant, but almost guarantee that social security denies you.


Most people we talk to are not denied because they aren't really disabled and can work, they are denied because their file lacks the necessary evidence. We will:

  • Simplify the process to help understand your case. There are simply hundreds of things which could make a person disabled. What causes you to be disabled is often completely different than someone else even if they the same medical condition you have. It is important to understand what matters in your case. We explain how your specific situation fits into the social security process.
  • Educate you to help you win your case. When you know what social security is looking for in your case, you will be able to give the right people the right information so your file has the best evidence as early as possible. We take the time to teach you what you can do to help your case and help you understand what to avoid.
  • Work with your doctor to help prove your case. Your doctor says you are disabled and says he will help any way he can. He sends his records and he writes them a letter saying you are disabled. They still deny you, how can this be? We will work with your doctor to help them present the right information to social security and present it in a way social security can easily understand, using their own rules, that you are disabled.


The process has many steps and they all take different amounts of time. Some things social security sends you matter, others don't. If you are denied, deadlines for appeals come quickly. We track deadlines, work with social security to obtain information and help make you separate the important papers from everything else.

  • Track important papers. Between reports, status letters, notices of appointments and just letters reminding you they are working on your case, it is easy to get lost in the pile of paperwork social security sends you. Our office receives a copy of all of your mail and we let you know what things are important and what to ignore.
  • Track appeals & deadlines. Let's face it; most cases are not won until a hearing. That means two denials and two appeals. People move, people give up, people lose it letters and things get lost in the mail. If you miss an appeal, you'll have to start all over. We follow all deadlines and ensure that if you are denied your case is appealed in timely manner to keep your case on track.
  • Track social security. The people reviewing your case are supposed to get your medical records, they are supposed to get information from your doctor, and they are supposed to follow a specific time-line to get this done. Sometimes they do, other times … ??? We work to assist social security in helping them do these things so your case is not delayed but also to avoid them simply denying the case because they ran out of time.