How We Can Help You Win Your Disability Claim

1. Have a treating doctor, (or doctors) who are specialists in the area(s) which actually prevent you from working. You need a doctor to tell your story.

2. Work with your doctor! The doctor needs to know what is going on with you or they cannot put this is the record.

3. Be honest. Do not try to make your condition to sound worse than it is. If you "overstate" your problems or "under-report" anything, the examiner for social security will determine that you are not honest. If you are not honest on one thing, you are not honest on everything.

4. Be consistent. Make sure that everything social security reads about you tells the same story. Let's face it, it is too hard to keep different stories straight; tell everyone the real truth and you have less to remember.

5. Give detailed answers. When completing a questionnaire for social security, give good explanations of your problems are and exactly how you are limited by them. It is OK to have good and bad days (or weeks!), most people do, just explain what a good and a bad day is and how often you have each type.